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Corporate Governance

True to its mission statement, "Each day with renewed commitment, we create new value through packaging," the Fuji Seal Group has expanded its business by developing and providing packaging that respond to the demands and needs of customers operating in diverse industries including beverages, food, daily necessaries, and pharmaceuticals. With a basic policy of becoming the partner of choice for its customers, the Group has endeavored to grasp the customers’ packaging needs and to provide differentiated products and services.

Fuji Seal International has also been taking steps to strengthen its corporate governance, understanding that improving corporate value requires to protect the rights and interests of shareholders, develop sound relationships with its other stakeholders, ensure management transparency, and establish an effective management monitoring structure. To achieve these goals, we strive to strengthen our relationship with shareholders, and its stakeholders, such as business partners and employees. Also, we endeavor to steadily improve our medium and long term corporate value. We strive to and take measures to further develop the group internal control system and disclosure in addition to the structure of management decision-making, business operations and supervisory system.

FSG Corporate Governance Structure

FSG Corporate Governance Structure

Basic Policy for Corporate Governance(revised in June, 2019)

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