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Our Business

Creating Solutions Designed to Enhance the Value of Customer Products through Packaging

Fuji Seal Group started manufacturing and selling cap seals in 1958.
Since that time, we have continuously developed our products in response to changes in customers, markets, and product containers.

Fuji Seal provides shrink sleeve labels, self-adhesive labels (pressure sensitive labels), spouted pouches, and packaging machinery in a global scale.

Utilizing the technology and capabilities of the Group, we provide total packaging solutions to meet our customers needs in a wide range of areas, such as food, beverages, dairy, home & personal care and pharmaceutical products..

Fuji Seal Group Our Services

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Fuji Seal is a global pioneer in the development of distinctive shrink labels, a core product of its business.

Utilizing the characteristics of film, which shrink when heat is applied, Fuji Seal’s unique shrink sleeve labels are able to fit perfectly to containers of any shape or material. Applying attractive printing and various processing techniques to transparent plastic film, Fuji Seal shrink sleeve labels become the face of customer products. Our shrink sleeve labels contribute to product quality as well as further environmental protection efforts thanks to the addition of special functions such as light-shielding and weight-saving.

Self-adhesive Labels (Pressure Sensitive Labels)

Self-adhesive labels are pre-glued labels that are also known as pressure sensitive labels. Fuji Seal's self-adhesive labels contribute to the promotion of customer products. Our POP (point of purchase) labels and campaign seals enhance the effectiveness of store advertising. Our self-adhesive labels also boast a high share of the battery label market. With the addition of Pago to the Group, we will offer a wider range of self-adhesive label solutions on a global scale.

Soft Pouches (Spouted Pouches)

Soft Pouches, which are generally called spouted pouches, combine the features of a flexible pouch with the functionality of bottles. In addition to their lightweight and space-saving features, the attachment of spouts to soft pouches makes packaging more user friendly. Helping to reduce waste after use, spouted pouches are used in a wide array of areas, such as beverages, food, home & personal care and pharmaceuticals.


Fuji Seal listens attentively to customer needs and proposes an optimized combination of packaging machinery such as label feeders, label applicators and peripheral production line equipment. We provide technical support and services at every location to meet global demands.