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FSG Code of Ethics

With the management policy of "Each day with renewed commitment, we create new value through packaging", Fuji Seal Group ("FSG") continues to make corporate efforts. This "FSG Code of Ethics", which is relevant to all board members, operating officers and employees of FSG ("FSG Directors and Employees"), sets forth the universal standards which every individual should observe from the corporate ethic standpoint ("Ethical Standard"), and the standards of behavior that supports faithful implementation of Ethical Standard ("Conduct and Behavior Standard"). FSG declares to comply with this "FSG Code of Ethics" and requests all FSG Directors and Employees to understand and observe the Conduct and Behavior Standard.

FSG Ethical Standard

1. Compliance with Laws, Rules and Policies, and Faithful and Logical Business Activity

FSG's basic policy is to comply with the applicable law and regulations of the countries and areas which FSG conducts its business, and to conduct business in a fair and reasonable manner. All FSG Directors and Employees should comply with the laws, rules, internal regulations and policies relating to one's duty. Also, it is the responsibility of FSG Directors and Employees to confirm and comprehend such law, regulations, internal regulations and policies.

2. Relationship with Stakeholders

The fundamental of FSG's corporate responsibility for the society is to pursue higher corporate value through healthy business practices. FSG understands that its business practices directly or indirectly exerts various influences on the society, and therefore in order to conduct healthy business practices, FSG should consider the interests of the stakeholders including the shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and communities, and make managerial decisions. Based on the aforementioned, FSG Directors and Employees should engage diligently in the business of FSG.

3. Understanding of Diverseness

FSG conducts its business worldwide. Some behaviors which are tolerated socially and professionally can be perceived differently in other areas with different cultures and backgrounds. FSG Directors and Employees should acknowledge this and conduct their duties by fully understanding the cultural and regional differences.

4. General Rules of Business Conduct

In making business decisions, FSG Directors and Employees should, based on sufficient information, faithfully make decisions upon gaining confidence that such decision is the best option for FSG. Such decision should:

  • be legal and fair (the decision complies with applicable law, internal regulations and policies)
  • be absent of interest (personal interest or self-dealing transaction does not exist)
  • have clear range of responsibility (the decision is made within the scope of authority granted by the Company)
  • be a prudent decision (the decision is made based on sufficient information, and only after exercising reasonable diligence to acquire familiarity with the concerned facts as much as possible)
  • be made after being faithfully reviewed (it should be reasonably confirmed that such option is the optimal for the Company)
  • be made without abusing discretion (the decision is made based on reasonable exercise of discretion)

FSG Conduct and Behavior Standards

  • 1. Respect for Human Rights
  • 1.1 Equal Opportunities of Employment
  • 1.2 Prohibition of Forced and Child Labor
  • 1.3 Healthy Employment and Labor
  • 1.4 Work Environment
  • 1.5 Personnel System
  • 2. Faithful and Fair Business Activity
  • 2.1 Safety of Products and Services
  • 2.2 Environmental Protection
  • 2.3 Fair Competition
  • 2.4 Disclosure of Corporate Information
  • 2.5 Public Relations
  • 2.6 Fair Procurement
  • 2.7 Gifts and Entertainments
  • 2.8 Relationship with Local Communities
  • 2.9 Antisocial Behavior
  • 3. Management of Information and Asset, and Record Maintenance
  • 3.1 Personal Information
  • 3.2 Intellectual Property
  • 3.3 Confidentiality
  • 3.4 Insider Trading
  • 3.5 Company Asset
  • 3.6 Record and Report

For the details please refer to
FSG Code of Ethics 【PDF files】