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We provide differentiated products and services by continually and attentively listening to customers.

Packaging plays an important role as “media” that communicates various values to consumers such as esthetic impact, various information provision, protection of product and so on.
We create and develop new products and technology in response to the changing needs of our customers in various fields of industry; beverage, food, home & personal care and pharmaceutical products.

Main products

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Container forms have become diverse and shrink sleeve labels are now used for many types of containers such as plastic, glass, or metallic ones. When using shrink sleeve labels, illustrations and logos are printed on the reverse side of a film. Heat is used to shrink the printed film to the contours of the container. There is no need to worry about ink transfer or stains on the printed surface and a shrink sleeve label is very effective for enhancing a products appeal, since the whole label can be used to display the design.

Self-adhesive Labels / Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure-sensitive label/ Self-adhesive label (PSL/SAL) is made of three layers; a release liner, a layer of adhesive and face stock (substrate). Special adhesive is applied to the back of substrate. By printing on the surface of the substrate, labeling process is simple and easy.A wide range of PSL/SAL can be selected according to needs; heat-activated adhesive types, multi-layer(leaflet) types and so on.
SAL/PSL are also used as promotional and advertising campaign tools in various industries.

Spouted pouch

The spouted pouch market has experienced aggressive growth due to the convenience provided by re-close ability, portability, and extended shelf life. Spouted pouches also deliver cost savings and increased environmental sustainability due to material reduction, cube efficiency, and a reduction in transportation requirements.

Local products

Thermo-Shield® Insulating Labels

Thermo-Shield® Insulating Labels are a proprietary co-extruded, shrinkable polystyrene foam. The material provides cushioning for glass containers and insulation for food containers whose contents will become hot or cold. Offset or flexo printing on the surface is available and it results in a no-label look. Utilizing its thermal insulating properties, the label can be applied to various types of containers: plastic packages, glass packages, packages for microwave use, etc.

In Mold Labels (IML)Americas Only

We supply Dura-Core®, a proprietary blended HDPE/LDPE plastic in mold label. Dura-Core® labels are compatible with the host plastic bottle and are applied without the complicated use of heat activated application glues.

Contour-Pak® CarriersAmericas Only

Contour-Pak® Carrier's streamlined design and new decorating options give a successful industry standard an updated, cutting edge approach to multiple-product packaging. Cost effective, market wise and consumer-friendly, Contour-Pak® is perfect for the dynamic change associated with the competitive beverage market. Unlimited design possibilities with an inherent unifying look create a point of purchase impact. Environment friendly, with 100% recyclable HDPE material. Available for both high speed and manual applications.