July, 2012 PAGO has joined Fuji Seal Group,for the purpose of expanding the Pressure Sensitive Labels and Labelers business.

Main products

PAGO Label

For more than half a century Pago stands for technically mature labels and labelling systems. We operate globally and provide our international customers individual solutions, so that their products look even more valuable: From simple and multi-layer labels and booklets to highly specialized functional labels. Pago has decades of experience, a huge variety of materials, the most up-to-date machinery and - note well - motivated and dedicated employees. This qualifies us to respond to all customer needs quickly, flexible and target-oriented.

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PAGO Machine

Pago is a world leading supplier of labeling equipment since 1950.
Our strength is to correspond to each customer's needs with long experience and continuous development to support high productivity of customer's production.
Pago offers complete range of labelling equipment, including high speed labelling head, labelling head on stand, simple linear machine, high speed linear machine with complex product handing and rotary labelling machine.

Facts about Pago labeling machine:
More than 65 years of experience in labelling machines
More than 40,000 Pagomat (labelling heads) and more than 3,000 labelling machines Installed in more than 50 countries

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