Fuji Seal International


Message from Top Management

Fuji Seal differentiates ourselves by providing a total packaging solution to our clients by working closely with them and listening attentively to their needs. Always there to offer support, we strive to build strong and lasting preferred partnerships with our customers.

The Fuji Seal Group got its’ start in Woodworking and moved into Packaging in the 1950’s to meet market demands. Half a century later Fuji Seal began producing cap seals, which later progressed into the development of Shrink Labels. Despite societal and environmental changes, we have maintained our corporate philosophy from the beginning, which instructs us to always be attentive to our customer’s voice in order to understand their needs and challenges, so that we can propose and develop joint solutions.

Fuji Seal has set up operations close to our customers in Japan, United States, Europe and the ASEAN region. Close proximity to our customers has enabled us to recognize and understand their packaging needs and cultural values in terms of functionality, practicality, aesthetics and design, unique to each of them. These efforts have made our shrink labels widely recognized and adopted in many regions and industries of the world Due to our strong relationships with our customers worldwide, we have remained an industry leader in all regions.

While the current market situation is said to be bleak, I would emphasize that Fuji Seal has continued to grow, by being attentive and adapting to changes. I will ensure that we face any challenges with renewed commitment every day. I promise that our management will remain close to our operations worldwide in order to recognize changes and respond quickly. We will use all of our industry experience to meet and exceed customer’s needs.

Finally, it is our dream and mission to make ourselves recognized as our customers' preferred partner in business.

President and CEO
Shigeko Okazaki
Shigeko Okazaki