Packaging Services

Fuji Seal continually and attentively listens to customers to comprehend their needs for packaging in a timely manner.

Fuji Seal's consignment packaging is a packaging service that receives products, raw materials, and auxiliary materials from customers, completes the distribution form of products through filling, set packaging, shrink packaging process, and then delivers them to designated locations. We also provide several sales promotion methods and make comprehensive proposals for packages.
When launching a new product, we offer attentive services such as usage until the completion of production equipment and assistance in the test market.

Packaging Service Flowchart


Packaging Services

Assembly work

Pillow type packaging

Filling packaging / Packaging work

Shrink packaging

Blister packaging

Acquisition of ISO13485 (Tsukuba factory)

Tsukuba factory acquired ISO13485 - the international standard for quality management systems specialized in pharmaceutical device industry, for some medical devices.