Spouted pouch

Spouted pouch

Spouted pouches are flexible packaging materials that are substitutes for conventional solid containers in the beverages, home personal care, and medical fluid diet markets.
Spouted pouches also deliver cost savings and increased environmental sustainability due to material reduction, the space-saving lightweight container is compatible with all product categories.

Our Initiatives and Results

The Fuji Seal Group has been involved in the commercialization of spouted pouches since the late 1990s, and we have kept an eye on their possibilities, such as usability and environmental friendliness.

For beverages, we introduced a spouted pouch line system, in which after pouches, spouts, and caps are supplied separately, the spouts and caps are welded to pouches on a filling line, in cooperation with various filling business operators. We have assisted our customers by helping to speed up production lines, reducing material storage space, and improving transport efficiency. We have also developed easy-to-open, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly packages from the perspective of consumers.

In the medical fluid diet field, we have established spouted-retort packaging technology. Currently, our spouted-retort pouches have been widely adopted even for fluid diet products for oral intake and enteral administration. We have many discussions with our customers to realize the functions they require and pursue unique convenience from the user's perspective, thereby helping to reduce the workload of medical and nursing care professionals.

In the pouch market for home personal care, we took the initiative in developing refill pouches, including refill pouches for shampoo and hand soap and multiple refill pouches for large-capacity laundry detergent. In particular, recognized for their environmental and user friendliness, Fuji Pouches and air-in-film bottles were launched in Japan in 2016 and in the U.S. in 2020, respectively.

Product types

Spouted Pouch "Functional Drink"

A fully automatic packaging system comprising bag-making, filling and application of spouts. With the highest speeds in the world, the system can realise maximum production speeds of up to 250 bpm.

Product line composition



Flexible Pouch "Refill"

We attach the spout to a large size pouch that is compatible with refills. Both center spout and corner spout placement are available.

Fuji Pouch
What is Fuji Pouch?

A cylindrical eco-friendly functional pouch that can be used from refilling to refilling.

Easy to refill

Solve the dissatisfaction while refilling!

  • cylindrical shape makes it easy to hold and stable
  • easiness in opening the cap
  • the spout is wide, refilling time is shortened, no leftovers
Replace and can use right-away(no refilling work required)

Reduce replacing efforts!


Reduce plastic usage!

*340ml container: calculated by weight comparison