Environmental Policy

We recognize that environmental issues are important issues common to all human beings. In order to contribute to a bright future and a livable global environment, we have established an environmental policy since 2008 and have conducted our business activities in consideration of environmental aspects.
In 2021, we completely revised our environmental policy where we will continue to contribute positively to the realization of a sustainable society by having each and every employee involved in more environmental activities and by further promoting cooperation among supply chains.

Environment Management System

Under the direction of the CEO, we have been implementing environmental initiatives for years in mutual collaboration at the Group and regional levels in accordance with the Group's Basic Environmental Policy. In addition, ESG management will be promoted even more than before by setting environment-related targets, monitoring progress, and evaluating what has been achieved in the Group Sustainability Committee, a meeting body under the direct control of the CEO and executive officers.

Environmental Visions and Targets

Fuji Seal Group considers climate change, ocean plastic issues, and resource depletion to be important environmental issues. In order to solve these environmental issues, we have formulated an environmental vision that focuses on "Creating Value" actions, such as the development and supply of environmentally friendly products, while building on "Protecting Value" actions that focus on reducing environmental impact in manufacturing. In response to these efforts, we have set environmental targets for fiscal 2025 in our medium-term management plan starting in fiscal 2021.

※The target year for the existing GHG emissions reduction target is 2023.
※We will raise the target in stages, aiming for net zero in 2050.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Creation of value: Provision of environmentally friendly products

We have provided solutions for customers' issues for many years, with a focus on all business processes, including creation (development), production (manufacturing), and sales (marketing). We realize that we are now further required to identify potential problems and work with our customers and suppliers to resolve them by gaining a better understanding of each customer's business cycle, from planning to manufactur-ing and sales, as well as of their current products. This also applies to the resolution of environment-related issues. The following chart shows the path that we have traced while identifying and addressing various environmental issues, such as weight and volume saving, emission control and reduction, and promotion of recycling, in individual business processes.
We will continue to contribute to society by continuously providing environmentally friendly solutions.

Environmentally friendly solutions with a focus on customers' business processes
  • Promoting material change towards environmentally friendly materials by using recycled and biomass-based materials and paper
  • Reducing raw materials by using down-gauged labels and pouches
  • Reducing waste containers by standardizing containers with the use of functional labels
  • Reducing materials by optimizing packaging forms and reducing CO2 emissions by improving transport efficiency
  • Increasing the productivity of label applicators and controlling the generation of waste and CO2 by reducing energy consumption
  • Enhancing functionality so that consumers can easily recycle containers and packaging materials

Initiatives for Reducing Environmental Impact

Fuji Seal Group is committed to manufacturing products that reduce the burden on the ecosystem and local environment. Through the production of shrink labels, pressure sensitive labels, pouch containers, packaging-related machinery, and other products, we aim to develop and produce environmentally friendly products, while at the same time reducing the amount of solid and liquid waste, wastewater, and exhaust gas (chemical substances and CO2) discharged, in order to reduce our impact on the environment. In addition, we collect ideas from a wide range of employees through TQM* activities, idea banks, and various projects, and hold regular meetings on energy conservation and environmental protection, as part of a concerted Group effort.

*TQM:Total Quality Management

Environment-related Education

We have provided environment-related education through orientation training for new employees, division-based training for staff in the production, development, and material procure-ment divisions, and ISO-14001 training at business bases subject to ISO certification. In addition, we began ESG-related training targeting all employees in FY2019 to deepen their understanding of ESG and promote ESG initiatives in each division. We also issue ESG-related booklets approximately twice a year-once each in the first and second half of the year-to promote understanding of the significance and impor-tance of ESG initiatives and the company-wide ESG policy and to introduce concrete activities related to ESG. Briefing sessions on ESG are also held by the head of each division.

Handouts for Environment-related Education