Initiatives Related to Water Resource

Aiming to conserve water resources, Fuji Seal Group is developing technologies and supplying products that not only properly manage water during manufacturing, but also reduce water usage in the entire supply chain. Starting in fiscal 2021, we have set voluntary standards that are stricter than the regulations, and we are striving to control the quality of wastewater during manufacturing. We have also set targets related to sales of environmentally friendly products, including the provision of packaging machinery that enables customers to reduce water use in their processes.

Company-wide Targets for Water
Voluntary environmental standards for water quality: achieve 100%
Reduction of Water Consumption

Fuji Seal Group strives to provide products that have a small environmental impact and can be used with confidence by consumers by promoting appropriate resource management and recycling of water. Our plants in Japan use recycled water in part of the production process. The washing water used in our plants is filtered and recycled at least 10 tons/day.

Investigation Results on Water Usage


Investigation of water risk at manufacturing sites

Water risk assessment at Fuji Seal Group utilizes the "WRI Aqueduct" provided by World Resources Institute (WRI) to identify areas of high water risk, such as drought, for each site. Areas with "Extremely high risk" in "Overall water risk" on the WRI Aqueduct are defined as areas with high overall water risk, such as drought. There were no production sites with high overall water risk in our 2022 survey. We will continue to conduct investigation using the WRI Aqueduct on a regular basis in order to understand the water risk at our manufacturing sites.