Integrated Report

The year 2022 marks the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Fuji Seal Group (hereinafter, “FSG”). We hope to share the joy of celebrating this important milestone not only with all FSG employees but also with all stakeholders of FSG, and we also extend our deepest gratitude to them. Amid the unlikelihood that the COVID-19 pandemic will end soon, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has added to uncertainty for the future, undermining global stability and causing a serious energy shortage. Even under such circumstances, we will grow our businesses together with our employees and devote positive efforts to ESG disclosure with a view to fulfilling our vision.

Integrated Report 2022 features the 125th anniversary and our commitment to the environment, and carries interviews with the CEO, the COO, the CFO, and outside directors in order to share the views and hopes of those management team members and show how the Board of Directors has maintained its transparency and fairness.

We are determined to grow to be a company that contributes to realizing a sustainable society toward the next 100 years.