Integrated Report

In 2020, there have been even greater changes than normal in the environment surrounding business, society, our personal lives, politics, and within each country. In the hope of further enhancing the understanding of all stakeholders, who together support our growth, we have created an Integrated Report for the rst time.


  1. 01-04Our Cherished Values
    1. 01Mission Statement / Slogan
    2. 03Advances in the Value Creation of the Fuji Seal Group
  2. 05-08Top Message
    1. 05Top Message
    2. 08Three-year Schedule for the Integrated Report
  3. 09-24What Is Fuji Seal?
    1. 09Financial Highlights / Non-financial Highlights
    2. 11Mid-term Management Plan
    3. 13Global Business Expansion
    4. 17Highlights by Business Segment
    5. 21Identfication of Materiality
    6. 23Fuji Seal Group's ESG History
  1. 25-28Environment
  2. 29-32Social
  3. 33-36Governance
  4. 37-42Financial Information
  5. 43-44Non-financial Information
  6. 45-46Corporate Profile
    1. 45Shareholders and Share Information / Trend of Stock Price and Trading Volume
    2. 46Company Information / Principal Shareholders