Shared Values

Shared Values related to engagement and motivation

Since its establishment, the Fuji Seal Group has focused on the belief that the growth of employees leads to the development of its business, recognizing employees as one of its most important assets. Under its slogan, it helps to foster the creativity of employees.

To FSG belief, having shared values is very important. Shared values give employees a sense of purpose and having a common goal that everyone is working towards. This makes the work meaningful and connects employees to what the company is trying to achieve. These shared values create a feeling of togetherness among team members. We are convinced that when people share the same values, they feel motivated to find satisfaction in contributing to something they believe in together. This creates a supportive environment in which everyone can challenge, commit, and contribute to achieve the company goals. This environment will lead to better productivities, new ideas and better results, which fits to our FSG credo and slogan. For this reason, FSG is organizing on a regular basis Value Seminars in each region.

FSG Value Seminars

Since 2009 , the Fuji Seal Group has organized and held the “FSG Value Seminar” aimed to promote awareness and understanding of our credo and values.

Our credo and values are shared throughout our group’s and serve as a guideline for employees when making decisions and reflecting on their actions. In the Value Seminars, senior managers serve as lecturers, sharing their experiences and insights on our credo and values, while participants take part in group discussions on how to carry out actions based on their understanding of them. To ensure that each and every one of our global employees act in accordance with the Fuji Seal Group's credo and values to achieve our mission /vision, we will continue to hold Value Seminars in all regions.

In 2022, Fuji Seal celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding, and through video sessions on the Fuji Seal Way and discussions with employees, we continued promoting the Fuji Seal Group’s shared values and culture. In 2023 Value Seminars were held in all regions again, as well as we will continue doing this in 2024 onwards.


Award Program

Idea Bank

Fuji Seal implements the Idea Bank, through which a wide range of ideas are collected from employees to commend excellent ideas. These ideas include improvements to daily operations, measures to improve the work environment, and inspirations for new products. This system was established to reflect our expectation that more employees will continue to strive to achieve greater creativity in their work, while always trying to identify problems without being satisfied with the present situation and taking action independently to resolve them as well as committing themselves to daily operations.

Since ideas created in the Idea Bank Program are a type of intellectual property, in 2018 the intellectual property division was assigned managing and operating the Idea Bank Program.

In the newly reformed system, ideas suggested by employees are rolled out to various other divisions, and ideas related to patent applications and know-how management are examined, protected, and used on a company-wide basis as intellectual property that contributes to the company's business.

Initially, it was only applied in Japan, however in FY2021, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Fuji Seal Group, the Idea Bank Program was launched in overseas regions.

The Idea Bank will continue to evolve as a system that encourages employees to make courageous and creative suggestions, a system through which individual employees can change the company with their ideas and develop the company with their action.

The number of ideas for improvement and innovation proposed by our employees has been increasing every year. In FY2022 9,628 proposals were submitted, compared to last year, the number of applications increased an additional 655 in Japan and 3,700 overseas.

Length-of-service awards

In many of our plants all over the world, we celebrate long-serving employees who have been working for the company many consecutive years. In each plant or region this is done following the local customs, whether on the day of the employees’ working anniversary or during annual award ceremonies. Recognizing these long serving employees is important for us as we want to recognize and appreciate their long standing contributions to the growth of the Fuji Seal Group. Also, by this recognition, we want to give them additional motivation for future contributions.

Building a Positive Workplace Culture: Celebrating Team Events and Employee Appreciation

In our company, we believe in making work not just a place to get tasks done, but a community where everyone feels valued. That's why we organize team events - little gatherings where we can relax and have fun together. It could be a simple lunch, family day, Christmas Party, New Year’s brunch, picknick, BBQ or a team-building activity because we know that strong teams make a strong companies.

Mexico Region’s Employee Christmas Party
FSG Annual Foundation Day Celebrations

Celebrating our company's foundation day is a special tradition that brings our team together. Each year, we take a moment to reflect on our journey, celebrate milestones, and appreciate the collective effort that has shaped us into who we are today. Every year, our President and CEO Mrs. Okazaki shares a special message to all employees of FSG all over the world. From team lunches to fun activities, our foundation day is a time to foster our cooperation and goals and recognize the hard work of every member. It's not just a day on the calendar; it's a reminder of the strong foundation we've built together and the exciting future ahead.

Vietnam's Foundation Day Ceremony
Birthdays and other small appreciations

Birthdays are special, especially in certain regions, and we make sure our employees feel appreciated on their special day. In several of our locations, birthdays are celebrated with a birthday card as a small token of appreciation.

But it's not just about the big moments; it's the small things too. We believe in recognizing hard work, even if it's just a small achievement. A simple "thank you" or a note of appreciation goes a long way. In several of our locations, employees can write “thank you cards” for their colleagues to show their appreciation. We want our employees to know that their efforts don't go unnoticed.

These little acts of appreciation create a positive and supportive work environment.