Group Sustainability Policy

The Fuji Seal Group (hereinafter referred to as FSG) is committed to solving ESG issues and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society together with all our stakeholders through packaging under Our Credo: Each day with renewed commitment, we create value through packaging.

  • We play an essential role in society and fulfill our supply responsibilities in both normal times and emergencies. We provide a healthy and safe work environment for our employees. We strive to ensure responsible consumption and production patterns along with our customers and business partners through mutual trust and study based on fairness and justice. We engage in open and proactive dialog with all our stakeholders.
  • We have identified materiality issues in our sustainability efforts. All materiality issues have a significant impact on society, and each is directly related to FSG’s vision: Our Value to People and the Planet, and our proactive impact is to realize the regenerative society.

Group Sustainability Committee

We established the Group Sustainability Committee to promote and support FSG‘s sustainability management. The Committee is composed of the chairman, members and the secretariat.
The chairman is COO, and members are executive officer and each division’s representative.

Regional CEO is Regional Sustainable Promotion Officer. (Americas/Europe/Asean/Japan)
Regional Sustainable Promotion Officer work together with Group Sustainability Committee and promote sustainability management across the group.

Group Sustainability Committee have a monthly meeting to deliberate and determine such as promotion system, action plan, policies and regulations, and how to disclose those kind of information.

The members and secretariats give instructions to promote and execute sustainability activities to each department such as corporate planning, human resources, legal affairs, environment, safety and disaster prevention, supply chain, and other related department.

Important matters related to sustainability, such as disclosure of the policies, targets, are reported and discussed at the Board of Directors' meeting.