Sustainability Message

Group Sustainability Vision

The FSG vision is that "Our Value to People and the Planet".
We aim to be a company that is resonsible for the realization of a sustainable society.

To achieve a sustainable future by fulfilling social responsibilities:
- Be an essential company through providing ESG package solution
- Fulfill stable supply responsibility to support essential business at all times
- Ensure and sustain healthy and safe working environment and business systems

Established the Group Sustainability Committee

The Group Sustainability Committee was established as an organization to promote the sustainability of the Fuji Seal Group.
Along with the Group Compliance Committee, this committee is positioned under the direct control of the CEO and executive officers, and promotes ESG management by setting targets for sustainability themes, monitoring progress, and evaluating the content of achievements.
For details, please refer to each item in the sustainability section.

Promotion and implementation system

The chairman of the committee is the COO. The committee consists of four members, including executive officers in charge of each division.
In response to discussions regarding the setting of targets and progress at the committee, the committee members, in collaboration with the staff office and the departments in charge of corporate planning, IR, human resources, governance, environment, safety and disaster prevention, procurement, and other practical matters, issue instructions to each division of the Group to promote and implement sustainability activities.
As shown in the diagram below, the Committee regularly reports on promotion plans and activities to the Board of Directors.

Fuj Seal Group: Corporate Governance Structure