Enrichment of Human Capital


Regarding the Fuji Seal Group’s sustainable growth strategy, the Global HR strategy is focused on facilitating the 3 core strategies.

To ensure we have the right people with the right skills and competences in place to steadily strengthen our existing business units, expand our products and target areas and create new business models for the future, FSG is focused on training and developing of our employees and next generation leaders.

Investing in the development and training of our employees is key to reaching our company goals. When we equip our team with the right skills and knowledge, they become more effective in their roles. Training and other development methods not only enhance individual performance but also strengthens our collective capabilities. As we grow together, the path to achieving our company goals becomes clearer, and our shared success becomes a reflection of the investment we make in our people.

Development and Training

Within FSG, both from a global and regional perspective we are investing in the development and training of our employees. Based on the training and development needs of each FSG location, yearly training plans are established and followed up on by each local HR and local Management. Global initiatives for training and development are related to general training needs (for example on ethical or compliance topics) or related to the High Potential program.

The main pillars within our training and development concept are focused on leadership training, fundamental skills (for example finance, English language, technical etc.), business acumen and Fuji Seal Values.

Talent Management- Plan for Development & Training

Talent Management - High potentials Program
Development of Next-generation Management

In 2018, we started the global "High Potential Talent Management Program" to identify members who could become future Senior Management members.

The main purpose of this program is to engage, challenge, develop, support and motivate our future leaders and to secure succession planning.

Our High potential program has a powerful impact on our teams. The program identifies and nurtures individuals with exceptional skills and leadership potential. By providing targeted training and opportunities, we unlock their full capabilities. The effect is felt across the organization as high-potential individuals grow into key roles, driving innovation and achieving company goals. It's an investment in the future success of both the individuals and the entire team, creating a positive and dynamic work environment.

In our FSG program, regional Sr. Management and Global HR are involved to make sure the registered High Potentials can actively work on developing their competences and skills and broaden their scope and network, for example by getting challenging projects and tasks, or joining an executive leadership program.

Registered High Potentials are invited and challenged to think outside of their own job scope and to work together on for example international Business Challenges. Such Business Challenges are related to real Business topics that FSG would like to have solved with the help of the ideas and proposals coming from the High Potentials. Regional Executive Officers and Global HR support such projects and proposals and ideas coming from the High Potentials are being presented in the Executive Board Meeting and taken in consideration for execution.

Norihiko Kawai

The FSI Challenge went beyond the scope of my usual work, and I had to consider things from a managerial perspective.
It was a good experience to connect with colleagues, have discussions with upper management, and receive advice. It was also a valuable experience to hear ideas from members from overseas offices. I want to make the most of what I learned and continue to improve my skills.

Mark Thompson
The Americas

During my time with the FSI team challenge, I was able to hone my teamwork and project management skills. While collaborating with team members from diverse backgrounds I learned invaluable leadership techniques like effectively delegated tasks, facilitated communication, and coordinated efforts to meet project deadlines. I gained valuable experience in navigating cross-cultural dynamics and adapting to different working styles, contributing to the overall success of our team initiatives.

Jaap Verbeeten

I enjoyed every minute of the FSI program. We focused on a “rapid changing world” & “the culture differences” that we deal with on daily basis. After the program, we were asked to put our new skills to work in the FSI challenge. We worked as a team, on a reduction of the machinery development time. What I enjoyed the most was meeting all our global colleagues!

Anat Chaninwongsiri

It was good opportunity to join the FSI Challenge. It focused on developing human resources that drive the company to compete in the global business.
I believe the program helps increase potential ideas that we can achieve.
I feel grateful to be a part of a company that fulfills its value to people.