Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels (PSLs) are used for a wide range of products in various industries, and are an indispensable part of the packaging used in today's society.
PSLs are made of three layers; a release liner, a layer of adhesive and a face stock (substrate). A special adhesive is applied to the back of the substrate. By printing on the surface of the substrate, the labeling process is simple and easy. There is a wide range of PSLs that can be selected like heat-activated adhesive types, multi-layer (leaflet) types and so on.
PSLs are also used as promotional and advertising campaign tools in various industries.

Our Initiatives and Results

In 1975, we started our pressure sensitive labels business in Japan, resulting in the proposal of two solutions for packaging to our customers: shrink sleeve labels and pressure sensitive labels.
Since then, we have been involved in the development of pressure sensitive labels, including those with printed on display items and with decoration and other functions, in cooperation with our customers. We have also worked together with suppliers to develop processing technology for label base materials and gluing agents as well as printing technology, and have continued to supply various products to the market.

Realizing the universal importance of recent environmental issues, we aim to contribute to the global environment by engaging in manufacturing and product development from an environmentally friendly perspective.

In 2011, we began the global expansion of the pressure sensitive labels business based on our accumulated technology, knowledge, and experience. Starting in Europe, we have expanded production and sales sites in North and Central America and ASEAN. Gaining new technologies for decoration and processing through this business expansion, we have expanded into new fields, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and automotive industries.

In 2020, we developed promotional pressure sensitive labels adapted to the recycling process before the rest of the world. These labels can be easily peeled off both by hand and in the automated recycling process.

Label types

Promotional Label
Shrink Heat Activated Label
High Decorative Label
Easy-to-Open PSL
PSL Blister
Deep IS®
Counterfeit protection technology