Company History

The Fuji Seal Group's History of Value Creation Changing along with changes

The Fuji Seal Group was founded as a wooden products manufacturer in1897. As the container trends in society shifted from wooden barrels to bottles, cans, and plastic bottles, we switched our business to a packaging business, including the development of shrink sleeve labels, in the 1950s.
Our corporate philosophy is that we are always attentive to the voices of our customers, so that we can package their important products, addressing their needs and challenges, and propose and develop possible solutions in accordance with changes in the times and containers. We have maintained this philosophy since our establishment.

History of Our Business

The value required of packaging material has changed with the changes in logistics and containers. Soy sauce, Japanese sake, and wine used to be distributed in barrels, and then in glass bottles. Currently, more convenient containers, such as PET bottles and flexible containers, are used for their logistics.
Our mission is not only to ensure product quality and safety through packaging, but also to provide product descriptions, including the necessary legal descriptions, with the use of packaging. Our mission also includes expressing the attractiveness of products with excellent designs and delivering the important messages of our customers' products. We also believe that it is our mission to offer a variety of valuable packaging materials to our customers and consumers and for logistics. The basis of our business activities is to continue to respond quickly to market and social trends and "changing along with changes."

Company History

Toward the creation of new value