Initiatives Related to Chemical Substances

Fuji Seal Group is committed to the proper management and reduction of use of chemical substances with high environmental impact for the safety and health of local communities, customers, employees, and end consumers. In addition, in fiscal 2021, we established new voluntary standards for air, water, and soil that are stricter than the regulations, and are working to preserve the environment and maintain ecosystems by preventing local pollution, air, water, and soil contamination.

Company-wide Targets for Reduction of Chemical Substance Emissions
Voluntary environmental standards for air, water, and soil: achieve 100%
Efforts to Reduce Emissions of Chemical Substances

Fuji Seal Group is promoting manufacturing by developing production technologies and processes more environmentally friendly. For example, at the Tsukuba Plant, a thermal energy circulation system using VOC furnaces and waste heat boilers has prevented the emission of VOCs into the atmosphere and reduced fuel consumption. In addition, we are planning to gradually introduce appropriate treatment systems at plants that are not equipped with VOC treatment equipment.