Initiatives Related to Waste

Fuji Seal Group considers climate change, Marine plastic issues (Conservation of biodiversity), and resource depletion to be important issues, and is promoting waste reduction and waste management through resource conservation and resource recycling as solutions to these issues, focusing on the following three processes: production processes at our own and customers’ factories as well as disposal process by consumers.

In order to reduce manufacturing losses at our own plants and promote resource recycling, we have set a goal to reduce landfill waste by 10% by 2025 compared to 2017, starting in 2021. In addition to providing machines and packaging materials that enable customers to reduce losses in their manufacturing processes, we also design products with an awareness of the 3Rs (reuse, reduce, recycle) in order to reduce waste at the end consumer. We have also set targets to increase the use of environmentally friendly products, recyclable designs, and recycled materials.

Company-wide Targets for Related to Waste
Waste that would not be effectively used: 10% reduction compared to 2017 (target for 2025)
Examples of Initiatives Related to Waste

At offices in Japan and ASEAN regions, we have achieved a 100% effective utilization rate for waste plastics. In addition to plastics, we are also working on the recycling of paper and solvents. We will continue to improve the effective utilization rate and further reduce the amount of waste, from the design of environmentally friendly products to the proper disposal of waste, in order to realize a resource-circulating society.