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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhen was Fuji Seal International, Inc established?


On October 1958, Fujio factory Co., Ltd. was founded to manufacture and sell "shrink capseal".

QWhat is Fuji Seal International's basic stance on corporate governance?


Under our slogan "Each day, with renewed commitment, we create new value through packaging," our basic stance with regard to corporate governance is one of pursuing growth as a partner of, and in unison with, our customers by providing them with solutions to the changes in customer preferences with regard to their products, and in packaging technologies.
By putting into practice this corporate philosophy, we will enhance enterprise value (shareholder value). At the same time, we will make our best efforts to ensure firmly-rooted, sustained achievement of corporate governance goals through more sound, efficient and transparent management. We regard this as one of the most important issues facing management.
Based on this perspective, we are setting up appropriate mechanisms for enhanced management decision-making, executive/supervisory functions, and Group operational controls and information disclosure, and implementing the necessary measures.

QWhen is the next financial results release scheduled?


Click for the "IR Calendar" page.

QHow can I view the detailed financial information?


You can view Fuji Seal International Inc.'s Financial Information.
Please click the following link.
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QI would like to know the number of issued stock and shareholders of Fuji Seal International.


As of the end of March 2019, there were 60,161,956 shares issued and 4,554 shareholders.

QWhat is the Company's Securities Identification Code?



QHow can I find the dividend policy?