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We provide Fuji Seal and PAGO machines and machinery systems to aid the rationalization and laborsaving of customers’ production lines.

We develop, design and manufacture shrink sleeve and self-adhesive label application systems, and provide corresponding service and maintenance.
We also consult customers in optimizing their production lines.

machinery systems

Main products

Shrink sleeve labeler

A shrink sleeve labeler is a machine designed to adhere shrink sleeve labels to a variety of containers such as PET bottles. The shrink sleeve labeler covers containers with sleeves of printed thermal shrink film, after which the sleeves are shrunk to adhere to the containers. As the conditions for shrink sleeve labeling differ depending on each manufacturing process, there are a variety of methods to adhere a shrink sleeve labels to containers.
Fuji Seal offers shrink sleeve labelers capable of handling a variety of shrink sleeve labels and realizes ideal manufacturing speeds for each client while utilizing their experience to cope with a variety of shrink sleeve labels.

Self-adhesive / Pressure Sensitive Labelling Systems and Labelers

We develop labelling systems for the application of self-adhesive labels on various containers for all requirements and industries. Pago systems and Pagomat labelers have proven their reliability in continuous industrial use and are available in different versions. Pagomat labelers are the heart of every Pago linear and rotary system.

Thermo-shield® labeler

Solutions for the special food and beverage markets consist of Thermo-shield® insulating labels, which provide cushioning for glass and insulation for food and drink items served hot or cold. This solution is based on a special applicator which differentiates itself with a non-glue solution.
This applicator contributes to total line efficiency with a high machine efficiency and good product quality. The non-glue solution results in a reduction of total costs.

Heat activated labeler

An easy and economical solution for roll-on label technology is based on heat activated glue. On the back of a heat sensitive label, a thermal activation type resin is applied. After the resin is heated and activated (made adhesive), the label is applied to a product in a neatly fashion.
This type of label enables simplified and economical operation of label applicators. Our equipment is based on a special applicator for this kind of label.

Stretch labeler

We developed a specific applicator for the application of both shrink labels and stretch labels. Equipment based on this kind of applicator enables reduction of film thickness. A typical line speed for this kind of equipment is 42.000 Bph.

Spouted pouch equipment

A spouted pouch is a container of a new generation, where a label and a bottle are combined. Fuji Seal has developed a special piece of equipment for the new generation packaging.
This system applies spouts to pouches. A spout is applied to the upper-center or the corner of a pouch in this system.


Spare and Wear Parts

To ensure optimum production performance We offers you original parts. Based on specific profiles We can make recommendations in relation to required spare parts. To get the most out of your spare parts inventory, Fuji Seal can help by evaluating the spare parts consumption history.
In case you want to improve your equipment, down gauge your material, or change to a different type of material all together, We will help to make this transfer as smoothly as possible. We will evaluate and identify the possible risks, propose solutions to overcome the risks, and help with the validation tests.


To get the maximum out of your equipment, We offers tailor-made operator and maintenance training programs. This training can take place either in-house at Fuji Seal or on-site at your factory. We offers training programs designed to meet specific needs in every phase of the life cycle of your product.

  • Basic training offered at equipment start-up
  • In depth training with focus on process improvement
  • Maintenance training
  • Refreshment training after one year and beyond


As we are a full service provider of packaging solutions, you can choose from a range of tailor-made customer support programs. These programs have been carefully developed to ensure you maintain optimum production efficiency and reduce costly stoppages.
We support and improve your line performance by offering agreed service levels. Our expertise in materials, processes and machines is available to you, on-site if necessary.