Group Environmental Policy

Group Environmental Policy

[Environmental Philosophy]
Fuji Seal Group (FSG) is committed to addressing environmental issues, which are important issues common to all humankind, and to realizing a bright future in the global environment through its business activities that take environmental aspects into consideration.
[Environmental Policy]
FSG aims to solve environmental problems such as climate change, protection of biodiversity, and depletion of resources by developing, producing, and supplying products that are friendly to people and the environment with the participation of all employees based on the following policies:
  1. 1Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

    In response to climate change, FSG will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all of its business activities in manufacturing and transportation not only at FSG but also throughout its supply chain by reducing energy use, suppressing waste generation, and promoting the effective use of resources.

  2. 2Biodiversity protection

    In light of the importance of protecting biodiversity, FSG will strive to prevent the discharge of plastic products into the ocean and land through the development and supply of recyclable products with renewable designs, and to maintain ecosystems by preventing the discharge of hazardous substances during manufacturing.

  3. 3Reduction of waste generation

    In response to resource depletion, FSG will strive to reduce waste generated by customers, end consumers, suppliers, partners, and FSG by promoting product design and development that can improve manufacturing efficiency and therefore reduce the amount of raw materials used.

  4. 4Effective use of resources

    With the aim of realizing a resource circulation society, FSG will make effective use of waste generated by customers, final consumers, suppliers, partners, and FSG through initiatives for procurement of recycled materials, design of products that can be recycled and reused, and establishment of recycling infrastructure.

  5. 5Conservation of water resources

    With the aim of conserving water resources, FSG will strive to ensure proper water management during our manufacturing, and to develop technologies and supply products that would lead to reduction of water consumption in our supply chains.

  6. 6Prevention of local pollution and contamination by harmful substances

    For the safety and health of people in local communities, customers, employees, and end consumers, FSG will strive to protect the environment by preventing local pollution or contamination to air, water, and soil through appropriate management of chemical substances with high environmental impacts and promotion of reduction of their use.

  7. 7Procurement of raw materials with sustainability

    Aiming to reduce the environmental impact on its entire value chain, FSG will promote the procurement of raw materials in consideration of sustainability.
    FSG will also strive to give priority to the use of environmentally friendly certification systems, if available.

  8. 8Compliance with laws and regulations

    As part of our corporate responsibility to protect the environment, FSG will consider and implement measures to achieve standards that meet or exceed those set forth in laws and regulations regarding environmental protection.

  9. 9Management of environmental activities

    FSG will establish an environmental management structure, set important environmental subjects and their targets, and review them as necessary, in order to reduce the environmental impact throughout its supply chain.

  10. 10Promotion of communication

    FSG will strive to build a relationship of trust with our stakeholders by disclosing environment-related information to help them better understand our efforts to address environmental issues, while at the same time increasing opportunities for their engagement.

Established: January 1, 2008
Revised: April 1, 2018
Fully revised: January 15, 2021