Pressure Sensitive Labels

Sustainability × Wellbeing

Executive Officer in charge of Pressure Sensitive Labels

Takeshi Kyogane

In the pressure sensitive label business, we are creating environmentally friendly products that meet the needs of the times, such as small pressure sensitive paper labels to be applied to label-less bottles. While an environmental perspective is certainly important, it is also true that if it is our sole focus, it would cause a loss of our brand power provided by our superior decorative labels and the feelings of excitement (Waku-Waku) and wellbeing that consumers have when acquiring these products. One of the strengths of pressure sensitive labels is their ability to be adjusted to the appropriate spot and carry required information in a minimal area. Furthermore, the possibilities for indications and decorations can be expressed on multiple labels with different materials and designs.

Is it possible to "balance sustainability and wellbeing" while capitalizing on the merits of pressure sensitive labels? There may be no perfect answer, but I believe this is an important subject that we, as packaging professionals, must tackle.

The challenge of manufacturing linerless labels without the use of release paper, which ultimately becomes waste, has been a longstanding issue in our industry for which we are steadily developing the system. In addition, the diversification of products and their shorter life cycles have forced us to manufacture smaller lots to avoid keeping an unnecessary inventory, which in turn, involves more frequent changes to manufacturing lines from one product to another that simultaneously create losses. Therefore, we have devoted a great amount of effort on reducing waste by focusing on "updating to equipment suitable for accommodating a small-lot, high-mix production" and "innovation in manufacturing plans."